Soft Never \ sɒft nɛv ər \:

  • Shifting the lens and limits we put on our lives to do the things we thought we never could, would, or wanted to do.
  • That leap you never knew you’d take.
  • That dream they said you’d never realize.
  • That goal you felt you’d never attain.
  • That conversation you accepted you’d never have.
  • That forgiveness you swore you’d never give.
  • That belief you vowed you’d never change.
  • That season you thought you’d never survive.

The Soft Never is an online community where we celebrate the magic, miracles, and blessings of stepping up and stepping out in ways we never thought possible, with unexpected results.

Meet Cortney! The writer behind The Soft Never.

Cortney has a long, storied history with Soft Nevers that has taught her the biggest blessings come from challenging and lifting the limits we put on ourselves.

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Shared Stories

There’s no such thing as a small Soft Never.
We all have to Soft Never our way through the moments we just never saw coming. Here’s our place to share them.

Soft Never “fails” do not exist.

Even if the results aren’t what you envisioned, there are so many lessons and blessings that come from taking a chance or embracing a new perspective.

Your Soft Never

Share it, bumps and all, here—not only will we celebrate your efforts, but we may even help you see some of the hidden magic in your Soft Never.

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