We launched the Soft Never community with zero expectations and only one goal:
to continuously question and test the “never” mindset that keeps us treading water or standing in place.

We understand that so many of our personal limitations are self-imposed — and we ourselves often have what’s needed to eliminate the things, thoughts, and beliefs in our life that do not serve us well.

We have also experienced the blessings, magic, and miracles that come with doing the very things we swore we’d never do — and we just can’t stop talking about it.

So, we set a giant table, providing a community for us all to share our stories. It’s here that we gather collectively to empower, support, encourage, and celebrate each other every time someone Soft Nevers what once felt impossible.

There is no such thing as a small Soft Never.

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The Soft Never Team

Cortney Farmer

Co-Founder & Head Writer

Our creative lead and resident Enneagram 4, Cortney develops most and oversees all of The Soft Never’s content. A lifelong writer, unapologetic empath, and irreverent rulebender, Cortney has a long, storied history with Soft Nevers that has taught her the biggest blessings come from challenging and lifting the limits we put on ourselves. Favorite Soft Never: Leaving her full-time, corporate job to launch Ovel Creative, a digital marketing and copywriting company, after being told she would never run a successful business. More than a decade later, she’s still running Ovel Creative, grateful every day she drowned out all those negative voices (including her own) to build a career she loves.

More About Cortney

Scott Farmer


As The Soft Never’s Co-Founder, Scott gets to do a little bit of everything. A master planner and strategic thinker, Scott uses his entrepreneurial and organizational skills to shape and support the Soft Never concept. When not keeping us all on task and schedule, Scott can usually be found on the soccer field, watching one of his boys on the pitch. Favorite Soft Never: Scott always knew he would launch a business someday — he just never envisioned he would co-found and launch a content creation website with his wife.

Kristin McCullough

Senior Editor

Kristin brings a unique mix of skills and talents to The Soft Never team. She’s not only a grammatical force to reckon with — she’s also a photographer, interior designer, and expert community builder. As our Senior Editor, she contributes to multiple creative strategies across all of our digital platforms. Favorite Soft Never: After 30+ years in the nursing profession, Kristin thought she’d never work outside of healthcare. However, as a nurse, she was referred to as “The Editor” due to her eagle eye for typos and grammar gaffes. She’s thrilled to be in a position that celebrates her lifelong love of words, language, and writing.