Ariel Curry is an editor and writing coach with 10 years of experience at publishing houses, and 7 years of experience acquiring nonfiction books. As an editor, she enjoys brainstorming and outlining new book ideas, bringing clarity and purpose to prose, and helping authors find resilience in their writing journey. When she’s not working on books, you can find Ariel beekeeping, doing yoga, or reading with a glass of wine. She lives in Chattanooga, TN, with her husband and their rescue dogs, Enyo and Tenaya. You can find more of her work at


GUEST BLOG: Isn’t It Worth It to Try?

“What nevers have you been holding onto, that might suddenly be a possibility? What’s the dream you’ve been tucking away that keeps drawing you back, thinking what a life it would be!” My dream, since I was a little girl, has been to get paid to read books.  The problem was, in college, I thought the publishing industry…